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Inspired by Venezuela's transformation during its rocky path to 21st Century Socialism, v2036: A Venezuelan Chronicle is a political thriller where presidential elections, military uprisings, international conflicts and massive displays of social unrest will put the Bolivarian Republic under the magnifying glass.

v2036 pushes the boundaries of fiction by introducing new players into some of the most significant events in Venezuela's democratic history, such as the uprisings of February 4 and November 27 of 1991 and the shootings of April 11, 2002. The characters represent the most influential sectors of today's society, and as their paths collide, their bold undertakings will define how the controversial Bolivarian Republic might face up to its upcoming challenges, as leading the government of a volatile nation falls far beyond the job description of any single man.

A military ruler, an opposition activist and an expatriated citizen will play the famous (and infamous) roles that will lead the once proud nation to a brighter future . . . or to its final demise.

v2036: A Venezuelan Chronicle  is now available worldwide through major online retailers such as, Barnes&,
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ISBN 978-960-92785-0-8

Number of Pages: 240

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Chronicles of a Nomad: Memoirs of an Immigrant is a provocative novel where wit and reality join hands to challenge the common misconceptions about today's new wave of immigrants. The plot highlights the reasons why well-established citizens in the Americas also leave the south in favor of the north and adresses why in recent years many have immigrated to other continents instead. By portraying what happens behind the scenes, the story provides an insider’s perspective about the way plenty of today’s young immigrants live their lives and why their generation could best be described as the Immigrant Generation.

This first-person adventure is narrated by Carlos Rodriguez, an intrepid young immigrant who embarked in a journey of self-discovery and reflection by confiding his secrets to the reader. Although he spends his childhood in abundance, at age fifteen, the worsening state of his troubled nation leads him to Denver, Colorado, where he ends up overstaying the time allowed on his tourist visa. Not many years later, he is left with no choice but to immigrate to Greece, where the ghosts of his past challenge his future and his search for home leads him farther away from Caracas, Venezuela, his hometown.

The eventful story takes the reader on an exciting roller-coaster ride through three very different countries and a multitude of obstacles that are often serious and humorous at the same time. The author’s easy-going style can be enjoyed by readers of all origins and political affiliations, and his chapters include topics on family, education, culture, religion, economy, politics, love, and of course, immigration.

While this novel is a work of fiction, it is a reflection of the author’s own experience and was inspired by the stories of the many immigrants with whom he has crossed paths, making it a worthy read for those wishing to embark on a truly heartfelt adventure.

Chronicles of a Nomad: Memoirs of an Immigrant  is now available worldwide through major online retailers such as, Barnes&, and You can also order it from your favorite bookstore.

ISBN 978-960-930918-9

Number of Pages: 280

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